When I was 4 years old I walked to Kindergarten.  My parents had practiced the route with me so I knew exactly where to go, but once I was inside the building on my own I forgot everything.  I turned too soon, walked into the wrong classroom and started crying.  It’s my first memory of a wrong turn.  It was 1971…46 years ago…which means I turned 50 recently, a number I haven’t entirely adjusted to, but I’m working on it.

I also work at marriage–for 27 years now.  I work at finding humor in everyday life, and in my wrong turns.  And I work at a real office job.

Minnesota is home, but sometimes Husband & I look at houses in Arizona, especially in January.  Our family includes a rescue dog, Brooklyn, and a grown up daughter.

I’m a quirky eater, an only child, a rule follower (at least when the rules make sense), and an animal lover.  I love to travel, I’m grateful for honest friends, and I hang on to Jesus for dear life. Someday I hope to be a minimalist, or at least a little less messy.

I also love coffee.  A lot of the good things in my life start with a cup of coffee, like meaningful conversations, fun adventures, and every new day.  In fact, if I had a cup of coffee on that morning in kindergarten all those years ago, I probably would have found my way just fine.

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  1. oooo, love this Rhonda! I am only child who is a rule follower (when they make sense) and I turned 50 this year! We have so much in common, sister!

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