House Hunting

September 29, 2017

Evidently we move a lot.  I realized it recently because all of my Facebook “on this day” memories are:

1-Hey look that’s a “for sale” sign in our yard – come buy our house
2-Hey look, we’re packing, it’s so much work
3-We just moved in!  We love our new house!
4-Repeat 1 through 3

Here we are right after moving into our last house, where we thought we might live for 10 years:

This time around we can skip #1 because we live in an apartment, which is awesome because sellers like buyers who don’t have a house to sell.  This helps us to be “strong buyers.”

I gave Realtor Cheryl this criteria for our house search:

1-located in East metro
2-must be able to live there for 10 years (because people can change)
3-also need to be able to sell it in a month (because people don’t usually change, also life is unpredictable)
4-walking paths would be nice

The lender insisted on weighing in too.  Our email exchange was something like:

Me:  “Hi, it’s us, your loyal customers who had 2 other mortgages with you and always paid on time.”
Bank:  “It’s great to hear from you!  Show us proof of your income.”
Me:  “Here it is.  Also, we went on this really great trip last year – an adventure.”

They sounded happy for us and our adventure, although I believe they referred to the “adventure” as “the period of time neither of you worked or earned income.”  Details.

The mortgage application is all numbers:  How long have you lived at your address?  How long have you been at your job?  How much time do you need to pay back the loan?

How about:  “On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like the house?”

Or, “Is there anything else you want us to know?”

Yes, on a scale of 1 to 10, I like this house a 10.

We are scheduled to look at The House tomorrow during work.  I asked permission:

Me: “Is it ok if I leave work for a little while to look at a house tomorrow?”
My boss:  “Do you still live in an apartment?”
Me:  “Yes.”
Him:  “With your dog?”
Me:  “Yes.”

Permission granted.

If all goes well, we will add to the Facebook memories–and the real life memories, so a year from now we can look back at packing in October, moving when it’s cold outside, saying goodbye to our current home in the East metro with walking paths, and settling into a new home for awhile.  I’ll keep you posted.

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