Minnesota State Fair 2017

September 4, 2017

August 24 to September 4 were some of my favorite days of summer!

1-Meet my new friends:

Zang, Sara, Chris

2-Sara and Chris have been married longer than Jeff and me, and now they work together at the fair. This has given me a really great idea but I’m waiting for the right time to spring it on Jeff.

3-Some people actually bring a lunch from home when they work at the fair.  The only thing I can figure out about this is they must not want to spend all their state fair income on food, feel crappy for 12 days, and find their clothes fitting more snugly.  To each their own.

4-I am thankful that my boss at Mr. Steak taught me how to count back change.  I don’t think this skill is taught anymore.  It really isn’t very hard, and it comes in handy.  The only time it is hard is if you’re really tired, right around Day 7, a day you are working both jobs.  But if you give the person standing in front of you a pathetic, helpless look, they will tell you the right answer.

5-Also, thank you to the 2 people who gave me back the extra $10 I gave them.  I appreciate your honesty.  Sometimes 10s look like 20s.  Most of the time it turned out ok because 8 of 12 days I balanced exactly.  The other 4 days I didn’t.

6-I never got tired of people commenting on how happy I seemed, or mentioning my “sunny personality.”  My sunny personality often translates into “annoying morning person” at my day job–the one I go back to tomorrow.

7-I’m down to less than 2 months until I turn 50, and I believe one way to age well is to try new things. It is easy to stay right in the dead center of my comfort zone, which is already a small space.  This adventure was perfect to push me outside of it, every step of the way–applying, interviewing, getting the confirmation in the mail and showing up all 12 days. It was good for me. It wouldn’t be good for everyone, but we all have opportunities away from our comfort zone.  I recommend considering those occasionally.

8-On the standard “what are your weaknesses” question at an interview, my answer is, “I get bored easily.”  Working at the fair is a cure for boredom.

9-And now…I will work to regain my health.  I’ll still drink from my state fair mug, just not quite so much coffee.

10-We said our goodbyes today…became Facebook friends…Linda from the Grandstand reached under the window, squeezed my hand and said “God bless you.”  Even my supervisor hugged me goodbye and asked if she would see me next year.  I’m planning on it!  Hope to see you there.

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