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February 13, 2018

Things I don’t know:

1-Where to start
2-The right things to say to someone with a terminal illness
3-How much money is in my checking account, even a ballpark amount
4-How much I should be working
5-How much of the Bible is literal
6-Where the noise is coming from – the one that sounds like little mouse footsteps somewhere above me during the night
7-The answers to any questions the IT people ask me
8-How to drive an RV
9-What to make for dinner on Wednesday

Things I know:

1-Greeting cards in the mail with handwritten notes are surprisingly uplifting.  Sending cards to people who are going through a difficult time is a good thing.  Some people don’t just send “a card” – they send several cards, and they even send one to the person’s kid who is terrible at sending cards.
2-How to make people cry who don’t want to cry
3-I love donuts more than I should
4-I love Café Latte, it’s my first choice, I will stop to pick something up “on my way” to almost anywhere, and I find a weird amount of comfort when I see one of their to go containers in my fridge
5-Work is therapeutic for me, I hope I can always have a job
6-Music….a lake….a sunrise….redwood trees….snuggling with a dog….being married to someone I love….I see evidence of God in all these things
7-Getting a puppy ever again would be a big mistake, but I would pay someone to bring a puppy over for a visit, as long as it was still young enough to have puppy breath
8-The memories of our RV trip bring more strength and comfort than I could’ve ever known on that fateful Friday in June when the plans were first spoken out loud
9-The Church is flawed and sometimes a giant mess….and yet they keep showing up….loving me….providing a space….a family….a place to serve….the freedom to take a break…when I ran into my friend Joe on Sunday and he said, “We’ve got your back,” it gave me life and hope.  I hope I never stop going to church.
10-God is with me…and you.  Cancer is not His will.  But He can bring peace during illness and comfort for pain.
11-The best way to start my day is with a gratitude list…especially if my day starts at 3:45 am.  Today I am grateful to post on my blog, while sitting by the fire, drinking coffee, with Brooklyn curled up next to me.  I am grateful I got to spend yesterday at home, because time is precious.  I’m grateful for a family I love to be with….that we are all get to live in this beautiful house with the quirky cabinets…and I get to start my day with a peaceful heart.

May your heart be filled with peace and gratitude today.

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