Thanksgiving Gratitude List

November 24, 2017

Giving thanks for…

1 -Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner at French Meadow Bakery Café, enjoyed with people I like a lot.

2-Four day weekends with no gifts to wrap.

3-Friends with unshakable faith…the ones whose default is to go to scripture for guidance and to their knees in prayer for help, who are quick to turn things over to God and trust He has a plan…also atheist friends with a different kind of faith, who live in the moment and contribute to the world so uniquely…and the friends who have no idea what they believe, what Higher Power they may or may not claim, but they keep an open mind.  They read…listen…and occasionally even walk into a gathering, ever searching for truth and answers, but honest in their unknowing.  You are ALL my teachers.

4-Resilience & strength demonstrated by friends who are suffering, struggling, grieving…they find ways to get out of bed and tend to those relying on them, and they put one foot in front of the other, even when they would be given a pass.  They continue to make the world better.  They smile through pain.  They spread kindness.  You are teaching us good things amidst your sorrow.  You are on my mind today.

5-Good therapists, antidepressants, attentive listeners, happy lights, vitamins, exercise, meditation — whatever antidotes to depression are available and working at the moment, and the people who don’t judge us in our struggles.

6-Music: Prince, Toby Mac, Def Leppard, Chainsmokers, Sara Renner, Billy Joel, Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Imagine Dragons, and the Crossroads Worship Team.

7-This is Us, Modern Family, Blue Bloods, Friends reruns, Gilmore Girls, Live with Jimmy Kimmel, and the Vikings when they win, and have a 9 and 2 record.

8-All the jobs.  The bad ones that make me appreciate the good one.  The times I got to be a working mom and the times I took breaks from the (paying) jobs.  The coworkers we keep in our lives when we leave.  Part-time, overtime, seasonal, even jobs at the State Fair.  The friends who have helped me get jobs, especially the one who rescued me from that one really bad job.  The paychecks, employee lunches, casual days, small offices with all their quirks, candy drawers, and especially the jobs that offer Friday after Thanksgiving as a paid holiday.

9-Every single dog, but especially my friend’s rescue pit bull and all pit bulls, even the ones who have been forever damaged by bad people, and non-pit bull rescue dogs, especially MY rescue dog, Brooklyn.  I love you Brooklyn.

10-Pie and coffee.  Let’s all be united with pie and coffee, or your own version of “pie and coffee” – whatever it is that completes your Thanksgiving Day deliciousness.  May it be covered in whipped cream (or non-dairy coconut custard).

Happy Thanksgiving!  Hoping your day is filled with good food, loving family (by blood or choice) and gratitude lists.

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